A collaboration between modern artist Demsky and Anima, PHASE MN:01 Mirror is a digital sculpture and gateway to the metaverse. An extension of Demsky’s otherworldly physical works – Mirrors are augmented reality NFTs that can be evolved interactively through global exploration.


Beginning as 8,888 augmented reality objects, each Mirror evolves based on its owner’s actions and through the activation of enigmatic coordinates around the world.

Owners will join a community of explorers, blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds to unlock the full potential of their Mirrors.

Once the community has activated enough coordinates, PHASE MN:02 will be unlocked, a collective digital creation, followed by PHASE MN:03, a final set of artifacts for the explorers.

Exploring the globe evolves mirrors

Following the sale, a series of GPS coordinates around the globe will be revealed for explorers to visit to activate their Mirrors.

Each location visited by a Mirror activates it, changing its appearance and generation up to 8 times. Explorers who record and share their activations will become a prominent part of the history of PHASE:MN and will receive special rewards.

54.2312716, -4.569504




2021 11 23 05:48 UTC

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“The outer world and everyone in it is just a mirror of our inner world.”




8,888 unique MN:01 Mirrors will be released, at a price of $200 per edition. Buyers can request to reserve up to 15 editions for purchase at launch.

Reservations will be selected at random to purchase Mirrors. If you are selected, you will be notified via email and have 24 hours to complete the sale to claim your editions.

After reservations are fulfilled, any remaining editions will be made available in an open sale.

Purchases can be completed using a credit card or crypto including Ethereum, Bitcoin, DAI and USDC.

Mirrors will be minted on PALM without gas fees and can be bridged to Ethereum Mainnet.



After the open sale begins, the first location coordinates will be released to kick off global exploration and the evolution of the Mirrors.

Each Mirror can be evolved up to 8 times, dynamically changing their attributes and visual appearance.

Post-sale, Mirrors can be resold by their owners on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea, which will display their dynamic attributes.

Secondary sales include a 10% artist royalty.


Each of the 8,888 Mirrors is unique, with 5 base forms in different rarities. Their surfaces change dramatically when evolved, with each generation adding surreal, animated textures and an increasingly weathered patina.

PHASE MN:01 will be released on PALM, an Ethereum compatible, energy-efficient side chain, and can be bridged to Ethereum main net for resale on marketplaces like OpenSea.

Token attributes reflecting each Mirror's generation, unique properties, and evolved characteristics are dynamically updated in its metadata. A dynamic, blockchain-linked certificate of authenticity and ownership is viewable as part of the experience in AR on all Anima releases.

DEMSKY J. (1979)

Rooted in the graffiti boom of the 90s, Demsky is a self-taught modern artist internationally known for his work on the streets of more than fifty countries, on gallery walls, underwater, and now in the metaverse.

His work balances the future and nostalgia, radical creativity and exact sciences, with influences across street art, Japanese mecha, and 80s arcade games. He explores the interconnected relationship of space and time, highlighting the glitches and animating the static.

Demsky creates a true anachronism: a retro-futuristic vision immersed in impossible shapes, multiple dimensions, and organized chaos.